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[28 Feb 2011 ]
TD1: The Early Bird Tax Return

The TD1 form is a perfect way to get your money in your pocket sooner. Most young adults will find the TD1 form useful for claiming their T2202A tuition credits (unless you happen to be one of the growing number of people I know getting married or having children). Tuition and education expenses fall within the umbrella of expenses the government endorses. Basically the government will give you a break on your taxes because it likes that you are investing in your education.

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[13 Feb 2011 ]
Cineplex offers a free movie with General Mills cereal: watch a subpar movie with subpar cereal

During a recent coffee break at work, a coworker shared that he bought a box of Oatmeal Crisp which came with a free Cineplex movie pass. Movie tickets usually go for $12 these days, and this particular cereal box cost $4. Based on those economics alone, you could throw out the cereal, keep the movie coupon, and still save money in the end. But the restrictions got me thinking about the real value of this promotion.

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[18 Jan 2011 ]
A look at the Fort McMurrary by the numbers

It’s impossible to be a chemical engineering graduate without:

having worked in Fort McMurray
having thought about working in Fort McMurray
having known someone who worked in Fort McMurray

I’ve had classmates work in Fort McMurray, and they have either hated it or loved it. In Spring 2008, I had an offer to work with Syncrude for my last work term, but I turned it down to try other things. The following academic term, I decided to do one of my geography assignments on Fort McMurray to get to know the place …

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[11 Jan 2011 ]
My gym pet peeve… and why you need a fat analyzer

Everyone has a gym pet peeve.

Grunting weight lifters
People who drench machines in sweat and simply walk away
An expensive gym membership that entitles you to broken antique equipment
The guy that basically doesn’t lift anything and is always going for a drink of water
People who try to pick up at the gym
Imaginary lat syndrome

I have my own pet peeve:People who weigh themselves at the gym

Why is it a pet peeve? Your body weight is constantly …

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[5 Dec 2010 ]
Is it worth it to get the Cypress Gold Medal Card?

This past weekend I had my first snowboard trip of the season at Cypress Mountain. I had already purchased a 5 day-pass to Whistler, but one of the EIT’s at Hydro mentioned you could probably save some money with the Gold Medal Card. I decided to crunch the numbers to see if the Cypress Gold Medal Card was really worth it.

The Situation
The Gold Medal Card is a loyalty program that allows skiers or riders to save 20% off lift tickets, and 40% off lift tickets purchased after late March. …