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These are my random thoughts and experiences in life.

Fort Nelson Trip

Anytime I go to a new city I check out Tripadvisor to see what are the local hotspots for food. I found out that I would be spending a week at Fort Nelson for my job, so I hoped onto the interwebs to see what I could expect for food. I discovered Subway was the #6 restaurant in Fort Nelson. When I arrived there, I learnt that they don’t distinguish cheese by its actual name like cheddar or mozzarella. They distinguish it by colour: orange or white cheese. Classy.

Mom’s Trip to Vancouver

My mom recently visited me in Vancouver for a week. It was a huge learning experience.
I am thinking about calling Garmin customer service to inform them of a new feature they should add to their models.

Normal Garmin Mode: Turn right on Marine Drive.
Portuguese Garmin Mode: Turn right on Marine Drive. *raises voice with condescending tone* Turn right on Marine Drive.

Portuguese Science

Portuguese science is a field that has been marginalized for at least a century. Although it isn’t mainstream, I have been exposed to it from my family and relatives. Here are some lessons I would like to share with you all:

If you have acne problems, spend 20-30 minutes in the sun. It should burn away all your pimples.

Random Thoughts

Will there ever be a time when you can buy a pigeon breast pita?


Hungry-Man should have went with their original name: Lonely-Man. They even have a Breakfast meal you can buy since a woman will never cook for you.

Wind Mobile

I am a supporter of the new wireless entrants in Canada, but I think I’d rather wait until they have more momentum. Back in December 2009 they were on the streets of Toronto advertising:

  • Wind Mobile worker shouting at Eaton’s Centre: No contracts, no fees!
  • Me: No phones, no coverage

Asian Cooking

Coconut milk is located in the Asian grocery isle. Not the baking and desserts isle!


Why do doctors insist that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment? Waiting 30 minutes for your appointment isn’t enough?

Anal Bum Covers

Is it a good idea to call your come back record: Everything comes and goes? Dear Michelle, that logic can also apply to your music career!

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