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The Olympic Stanley Cup: Montreal 1977, Calgary 1989, Vancouver 2011?

23 March 2011

World Player Statistics

The next several charts look at the median for the average goals, assits, points, and penalty minutes. This is not to be confused by the average! If the median goals per game is 0.10 goals per game, this means that 50% of the players score less than this amount, 50% score more.

The Soviets and Scandinavians appear to have the lead for goals, assits and points per game. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have better players. My guess is that in the 1980’s and early 90’s the NHL had the creme of the crop from these countries. Think of the average goals per game for the first 10 Russians to play in the NHL, compared to the several hundred Canadians that play in the NHL.

Canada clearly plays a rougher game than the rest of world – especially compared to the Scandinavian players who looks meager. But it looks like there is also some “convergence” happening with penalty minutes per game. It would be interesting to know if the change in penalty minutes is based on player conduct or the league’s threshold for penalties.



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