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The Olympic Stanley Cup: Montreal 1977, Calgary 1989, Vancouver 2011?

23 March 2011

Canadian Player Origin

The obvious majority of Canadian players has come from Ontario and Quebec; the two most populous provinces in the country. Their significance has slighly erroded over time to make room for Prairie hockey players. The surprise for me was to see BC dormant until the 70’s. It’s almost as if they were too snobby to play Canada’s game. It’s also interesting to point out that Alberta yields more NHL players than Quebec (check out Page 3 for more details). I would have thought that Quebec was the hockey superpower in Canada, but I probably latching onto childhood memories of Patrick Roy, Ray Borque, and Mario Lemieux.

American Player Origin

60% of American NHL players have come from 4 states: Minnesota, New York, Michigan, and Massachusetts. Not surprising as they actually have winter! If you look at 2 charts below you can see the composition by census area – the Midwest and Northeast compromise 90% of American NHL players.

USSR Player Origin

The three powerhouses in Soviet hockey have been Russia, Czech, Slovakia. Not surprsing that the Russians began to enter the NHL after the Soviet Union felt apart. A bit of history trivia – Czechoslovakia used to be a single country. I wonder what makes them a European hockey power. When I think of a hockey rivalry for Canada I think Russia (Soviet) before Czech or Slovakia.

Scandinavian Player Origin

Not much of a surprise here. Sweden and Finland are the dominating forces in Scandinavian hockey.



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